Notes ❘ Tree Village POP-UP Shop

  • [TV station official shop-About tree village POP-UP SHOP]

    This shop will be POP-up Shop and can be purchased without membership registration.
    Please note that the television station official shop-tree village + ID information is not taken over.

  • 【About sales】

    This shop can be ordered regardless of domestic and overseas.

    • ※ As there are limited items, we will end as soon as the stock disappears.
    • ※ Country and regions differ depending on product purchase, and customs rule. Please be sure to check yourself and purchase it.
    • ※ DVDs, Blu-ray Discs, video games, and some DVD-Audio products have a region code for each region in which they are sold. The region code is set on both the player and the software, and the software cannot be played unless both target codes match. Please check your player and the type of DVD or Blu-ray Discs you are purchasing below before purchasing the product. In Japan, the region code is set to 2 for DVDs and A for Blu-ray Discs.
  • 【Regarding delivery】

    This product will be ordered order. Please check each product page for the scheduled shipping date.

    • ※ The scheduled shipping date may change. Please note.
    • ※ Delivery status is just a guide and does not promise delivery. Please note.
    • ※ If the delivery date is purchased more than one different product, it will be shipped at once after waiting for the product of the late arrival.
    • ※ Depending on the country and region of the destination, taxes such as tariffs may take place. These rates collect shipping contractors from the customer during delivery or collection. This is not an additional shipping cost.
    • ※ If the redelivered purchase is returned by the delivery company again, the purchase shall be subject to free disposal, and no costs, etc., already paid shall be refunded.
  • [About the benefit]

    • ※ The benefits will be unlimited and the distribution will be completed as soon as possible.
    • ※ Shipping · Various fees are not included.
    • ※ Since multiple orders can not be put together in one time, please check the contents well.
    • ※The image is an image. Please note that it may be different from the actual product.